Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Few More Booker Drawings.

I was cleaning out the 'scans' folder in my computer and found these for Booker's World. I thought I'd post some of them before backing them up and cleaning them away. Enjoy.

The diminutive Booker is just over four feet tall.

A Krall sentry at the Gaol Pier. It is the place where the Krall take captured slaves to Krall Island.

Takkas are carnivorous squirrel-like creatures that are as large as a medium sized dog.

A big Glop with some smaller ones.

Squee-mo is the High Word Elder of Booker's world.

The Sea of Ending is an ocean of molten lava that Dennison crosses with the giant, Kev. They encounter a whale-sized beast on the way.

Something New (Repost)

(I am reposting this because the pictures didn't open properly when selected.)

Have you every been in a situation where you are busy doing one thing and an idea comes out of nowhere and hijacks your thoughts? That happened to me recently when I was walking to the train station at the end of the workday. I was thinking about the crazy things we parents say to our kids when they are young to make them behave or to go to bed. I was thinking about some truly outrageous things that would scar any impresionable young child and then seeing how far I could go before it became rediculous. Then the idea of the Boogie Man popped into my head along with the Andrew Sisters who used to sing in boogie-woogie harmony back in the 40's and 50's, and an idea for a short film came to full bloom in a matter of seconds.

I've done a few scribbles. Enjoy.

A Boogie Man and a victim.

A Boogie Man on a chase.

Little willful and spoiled little Willie.

Little Willie should have stayed in bed.

Boogie Men love to drink and party by making all the captured rotten kids entertain them by doing chores ... but they aren't just any chores.