Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Smile to My Face

I was plunking about on YouTube and found some animation I did a few years back for the Ruby Gloom TV series. It was the last bit of animation I did on the series before taking over as the Animation Supervisor and finishing up on the episodes for "Ruby Gloom: The Musical". The clip is dropping frames like crazy and the audio drifts out of sync, but it's mostly there. Everything was digital (no paper) and animated in Toonboom HARMONY. It was a hoot to work on. My bit starts from the point where Skullboy finishes running down the stairs and Misery floats off the bed to the scene where Skullboy says, "This isn't exactly helping!"

Friday, June 19, 2009

Catching Up

In my last post I thought that the show I was on was done and in the can, but at the last minute we helped out our co-production studio in France by taking a couple of episodes back. Apart from a handful of scenes that were still rendering when I left work tonight, we're done. Really.
The load has been pretty light considering I only had one team of Animators instead of the three in house and one satellite team nearby that I was looking after during the meat of the production. I've been able to do a bit of drawing, but it's stylistically all over the place. I guess I had a lot of stuff I had to get out. Here is a tiny bit of what I've been scribbling with my trusty ball points over the past little while. Enjoy.
Weird creature things.
A bit more Bedtime Boogie development.
Tick Rabbit Tales is something new that I have been playing with. It's sort of based off the Uncle Remus Tales, but without the racism. This is Tick Rabbit.
This is Ganamede. In mythology, Zeus thought tht Ganamede was the prettiest human so he kidnapped him to Mount Olympus and made him a god. This character only thinks he's god's gift by believing he's the best looking animal in the forest. Vanity thy name is Ganamede.
The turtle is Mitchell, but he's the fastest thing on the planet. Think Big Lebowski "Dude" with the speed of the Road Runner. Heck, he even has his own racing stripes and number on his shell.
Melbourne is a ship stow-away mouse that is far from home. He's named after the city he was born in and he'd go back, but he's fallen in love with Petal the Possum. She's a weird type of North American marsupial that looks like a big mouse, and she is psychotically happy .
Don't know why I drew this, but Tarzan popped into my head and ...