Monday, July 03, 2017

A 150th Birthday

Long hiatus from posting because of work. I am co-directing on a crazy huge and busy production which is due to air on Nickelodeon USA this fall (toys by Fisher-Price). The production is such a beast that two directors can barely manage all of the work which needs doing, but it is getting done because of a fantastic team of people which I am super proud to be able to work with.

It is also the CANADA DAY long weekend where I have the luxury of a bit of down time to try and post a few things before disappearing again until Christmas. Enjoy.

And, HAPPY 150th CANADA!!

A girl.
 A guy.

 An old idea being resurrected.
 Some rough development for locations on the old idea.

 And a possible new idea. Who knows when I will have tome to work on it, but the seed is sewn.