Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Tick and Something Else

Here is a bit more Tick Rabbit stuff, and a few drawings from another potential project. Enjoy.

 This is where Mama Zoo lives under a big acorn tree.
 I have been toying with making Plink a bit older for the story; more in his early teens than pre-teen.

 This is for somrthing new that I won't say too much about for now because it may get scrapped.

Old Disney and Old Portfolio

I was cleaning out my over-stuffed flat file and I found a ton of old junk. Some of it is old keys from scenes I worked on at Disney and some is from old portfolio discards. I scanned a few for posting. Enjoy.
I got to work on a bunch of shorts and specials with the classic characters. Goofy and Mickey were my favorite to animate.
This was for the horrible Little Mermaid II Sequel. It was horrible because the animation was split up between too many studios without enough overall quality control, and because they were closing down our studio at the time and we were losing all of our senior animators. I was Animation Directing on a sinking ship and only had time to animate a handful of scenes. This is a drawing from one of the last I did.
This is stuff culled from really, really old portfolios. The first two are from an old feature idea I had called Quentin Kordd. He ends up saving the day engaging a hostile force using his Arrowhead Fighter. It sounds lame ...  which is why I ditched it.
This was for some interstial animation for the old PBS series Kratt's Creatures.
This was for another of my ideas that ended up in the trash heap.