Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Few More Booker Drawings.

I was cleaning out the 'scans' folder in my computer and found these for Booker's World. I thought I'd post some of them before backing them up and cleaning them away. Enjoy.

The diminutive Booker is just over four feet tall.

A Krall sentry at the Gaol Pier. It is the place where the Krall take captured slaves to Krall Island.

Takkas are carnivorous squirrel-like creatures that are as large as a medium sized dog.

A big Glop with some smaller ones.

Squee-mo is the High Word Elder of Booker's world.

The Sea of Ending is an ocean of molten lava that Dennison crosses with the giant, Kev. They encounter a whale-sized beast on the way.


Blogger splotch said...

Beautiful drawings Sean!
Funny too,Eggs Benedict really CRACKED me up...(yuck-yuck)
I hope your having a great start to the new year.


7:43 pm  
Anonymous Selene said...

Keep up the good work.

2:46 am  

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