Sunday, November 12, 2017

November Clean Out

My sketch book is getting a bit bulky and heavy so I thought I would clean it out a bit. Lot's of garbage to throw out and a few teasers to post here. Enjoy.

Just some randomness ...
Sometimes an old idea can come off the rails a bit and then come back again. I tossed out a lot, but these are a few which are starting to come back to where I'd like the look to be for this unmentioned older idea. These are still a bit too 'real' and need to be 'cartooned' up a bit more, but they are halfway closer than the tossed out stuff.
I keep circling back to "The Elliptical World of Snurd" idea I had years ago. The story will eventually be told in 12-parts, but I just don't have the time to dive in and focus on it much.
This last little bit of randomness is for a new idea. There isn't much to it yet except a few drawings, but, time permitting, I hope to do some more scribbles on this soon.


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