Sunday, February 05, 2017

Fatigue of the Soul

Think happy thoughts. Think happy thoughts. Think. Happy. Thoughts.

It's the new mantra instead of thinking about work. The production is a hybrid 2D/3D project and the amazing people who I am privileged to work every day with are fine tuning the pipeline of this new process, and even though this has not been an entirely enjoyable production the results are looking pretty good. Yay team!

Being kept so busy has also meant that some personal projects have been starved of attention, but I have jumped back into one project and am tasked to finishing up the writing of the story before the end of the summer. Drawing wise, there isn't much to show for being absent from posting for half a year, but for what I am willing to show ... enjoy.

A small bit of randomness. 
 Girls are always nice to draw.
A few more scribbles for The Elliptical World of Snurd
 Like I said, there isn't much to show, but I will try to round up some more very soon. Take care.


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