Friday, July 10, 2015

On Vacation

Vacation starts soon so I thought I'd clean out my sketch book and post a bit of stuff.

In high school I used to paint in oils and acrylics, but after college more than 30-years ago, I stopped painting. I dabbled here and there with coloured pens and a few programs like ArtRage, but I never painted. I was more interested in 2D animation and drawing with my ballpoint pens in my spare time, but lately I've started to get back into painting. I've started small, mostly 6 x 8 panels, just to get accustomed to working with the paint and mixing colours. The paintings posted are my very first actual paintings in ... well ... decades. I'm working on some others and I'll post more later, but this is my starting point. Enjoy.

Acrylic. One is from a photo I pulled from the internet and the other is from a conservation area not too far from where I live.
 An idea for a short.
 Dusting off some old ideas and seeing what comes out of it.
One of my sons, who is almost 26, has been talking about getting a motor cycle, and this came out of it.
 The rest is just some randomness.


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