Thursday, March 12, 2015

Drawing Hands

A while back a colleague of mine asked me for a copy of some notes I did a few years back. I didn't have one handy, and I told him I'd get him a copy. After a few months of forgetting I figured it was time to make good on my promise. After sorting through a pile of old binders I finally found the originals. I'm posting them here for future reference.

Most of the information is from a few of anatomy books which I have. The first one is "Anatomy for the Artist" by Jeno Barcsay. I have had a copy of this one for more than 35-years, and except for a few weak areas, like the intersection of muscles under the arm, it is a solid anatomy book. The second one is "Grant's Atlas of Human Anatomy" by J. C. Boileau Grant. It has some of the best medical illustrations of any anatomy book and a good one to have if you can find a copy. BUT do not confuse it with "Grant's Method of Anatomy" which is less useful to the artist. The third anatomy book which I referenced is "Color Atlas of Anatomy: A Photographic Study of the Human Body" by Johannes W. Rohen and Chihiro Yokochi. Basically, it is a book full of pictures of dissections on real human cadavers. It's an absolutely fantastic anatomy book, but only if you have the stomach to look at real bones, muscles and guts of actual dead people.

Here are my "Drawing Hands" notes. Enjoy.


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