Sunday, July 24, 2016

The End is Nigh ... Maybe

I've been busy. Really.

Directing a show is a lot of work and worry, and nearly all of my time is focused on everything a Director does during a production. There aren't enough hours in any day or week or month to get everything done. Basically, a typical production.

I don't have much to show of my own stuff, but for what there is here ... enjoy.

A few bits of development for work which were not used.
A few scribbles for an idea called: The Troubled Tales of Wink
Just a few bits of randomness.
More development for a very old idea called: The Elliptical World of Snurd. The two main characters are Toss and his pet dog, Speedbump. There are twelve adventures in this story arc which build to the solving of a thousand year old mystery.
A recurring character in the Snurd World called Chubba and he first appears in a story called: Finding Chubba.
A few ideas for some land rovers which Toss and Speedbump could drive on some of their adventures.


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