Monday, February 19, 2018

Doctor Dolittle - Reprise

I have been reading that there will be a new animated "The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle" movie with Robert Downy Jr. voicing the good Doctor. I have always thought this would be a great story to make into a feature, and I thought one could modernize it with a bit of a Jules Verne/Steam-punk flavour for the Victorian technology.

Back in the early 2000's I worked for a company who once had the rights to do Doctor Dolitte, but they let the option lapse because of the difficulty of acquiring the rights for all territories on the planet. It seems that the rejigged American copyright laws, which favoured the big, greedy corporations, made it a bit of a nightmare to navigate where the Doctor Dolittle works had fallen into the public domain and where the new rules had kept them under copyright.

Be that as it may,  I'm looking forward to seeing what will be done to bring Doctor Dolittle to life again. In homage, I am re-posting dome of my old Doctor Dolittle drawings, with a few others added in. Enjoy.

 The floor plan of the good Doctor's house
A few location development drawings.


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