Monday, February 18, 2008


I have been bouncing back and forth on a few ideas while I have been fighting with some plotting for an Egg Benedict story. Enjoy.

This was for some development on an project called Jet Packs.

This is some Eggs stuff.

The guy on the left is a corrupt District Attorney named Houseman Kingsfield. I named him after the actor, John Houseman, and character he played, Charles W. Kingsfield Jr., in the movie Paper Chase (1971), but in the movie he was a law professor. I loved the quality of his voice and thought it would be great for a character. The one on the left is a Mob Boss named Desmond Capricorn, but he won't be in an Eggs story until later.

These are thumbnail ideas for Bedtime Boogie.

At one point in the idea I thought that the kid, Willie, could get away from the Boogie Men, but end up running into some Hillbillies. The music would then change from boogie-woogie to bluegrass with lots of banjo's and fiddles. The Hillbilly Men like to do a stomp dance where they try to step on the kids that come their way.


Blogger splotch said...

Beautiful drawings Shawn!

2:24 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Shawn
Long time amigo, looking good your posts,glad you are still busy!I will put a link up and thamks for the linkage also!Hope all is well in Burlington!

4:14 pm  

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