Sunday, August 12, 2007

First Draft

Business trips to foreign lands and a couple of weeks vacation have kept me busy and unable to add much to my blog. Hopefully, I'll have time to post a bit more often and to draw a bit more than I have of late.

The First Draft of my story is done. There is an incredible sense of accomplishment and relief seeing the 360 pages of text come off my printer, but now comes the hard part of doing the polish. I've gotten about a fifth of the way through with mostly grammatical problems. I may have to re-write a bit of the story to flesh out some details that got missed, but I don't think that there will be huge edits. I did a lot of that when I transposed the longhand version that filled over 850 pages in six notebooks. I deleted entire chapters and hundreds of pages of false starts to end up with what I have.

The basic premise of the story is: A boy grieving at the loss of his mother and feeling guilty that he could not save her from her illness is trasported to an imaginary world where he must come to grips with the idea that he may ultimately be responsible for its destruction.

It seems a bit depressing, but it's really about coming to terms with loss. I have no idea if it's really any good, but it was a story that developed out of a single drawing and it stuck with me until I finally ended with what I've got.

I'm posting a few of extra drawings I did when I was coming near the end of the first draft and starting my final version. I don't know how many more Booker drawings I'll post in the future because I've started thinking about the next idea that I want to work on after this. I always use drawings to help me flesh out plot points, so I'll post anything new in the future.

The main character Dennison is attacked by carnivore insects called Tickers.

There are rhino characters called Rhones that are fearless defenders of the imaginary world.

The climax.

Booker chasing the Book of Krall, and it takes place in the first third of the story.


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