Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Eggs on the Burner

Booker's World is done and I am going to send it to some publishers to see if they're interested, or to see if it's any good. In the meantime, I am working on a story idea for Eggs Benedict: Hardboiled Detective. I have blocked out the rough plotting for his first case, and I've done a few drawings to get me in the right mindframe. More will come ... later.

"Cleaning up the town, one bad egg at a time."

This is an old character design for Carbunkle. He was once a bouncer at the 'Cluck-Cluck Club". He'll cross paths with Eggs in the first case and end up being one of his operatives in later stories.

Eggs was once a Detective in the police force of Sunnyside Beach until he had a falling out with his old boss, Inspector Dash Grange. The reasons for the falling out won't come until a later story that is tentatively titled "The Quick Red Fox".

Sideways is an intrepid reporter for the Gazette. He will be a source of information for Eggs on some of his cases.

Like any detective noir story, there are guns and a few spilt yokes.

To Be Continued ...


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