Monday, April 23, 2007

More Booker's World

Here are some random character and location drawings that I did to help me flesh out the story development while I was writing it.

These are early designs of the bad guys, the Krall. They went from being three-fingered/three-toed to two-fingered/two-toed. They are basically big and mean.

There are various types of Krall my the story. This is a design of a bull Krall. They are about eight feet high and they run about the way a gorilla might charge. They are the most dangerous.

This is another bad guy named Juanto.

This is an encounter with the Glops, but it doesn't exactly happen like this in the story. The Glops try to take away the main character, Dennison. The previous post has a drawing that's more like what happens in the story. This drawing was just a way for me to think through some story points.

I won't explain what happens, but this is a meeting between Dennison and a character named Absalom that takes place near the middle of my story..

I'll publish some more at a later date.


Blogger Andre said...

hay shawn some real great stuff here makes me want to draw too.and you know what i think i will start post more i love it

2:28 pm  

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