Sunday, March 25, 2007

Booker's World

It started with a drawing that became a seed for an idea. Over the past seven years the idea evolved and filled out until I thought I had everything worked out. In December 2005 I set myself a goal to write the story as a book by the end of 2006. I was a bit late, but in January of 2007 I had filled over 850 pages of longhand scribbles in six notebooks before I could write: THE END.

Right now, I am in another year long re-write to type it out so I can submit it to a publisher. Since the first drawing of one of the main characters, Booker, I have done hundreds of drawings to help me flesh out the ideas in my head. The following are sampling of what I did. Enjoy.

As I get farther on in my story re-write I'll post more images.


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