Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bert the Bear

I was looking through some old junk and found some comics I did a few years back when Nelvana was bought out by Corus Entertainment. There was a lot distrust and sadness at what happened after the take-over because there were massive layoffs. Some of it came out in cartoons like those that follow. Other people did versions of Bert the Bear and Lou Rabbit, but mine was based off an old logo design I did in the early 90's for Nelvana - Bear Spots. Later, I heard of Mike Kunkel's "Hero Bear" and saw what a fantastic job he did with his bear that was so similar in design to mine. (Or maybe mine was similar to his ... ??)


The old "Bear Spots" logo. (FYI: Bear Spots was a Nelvana company that used to do TV Commercials, festival shorts and special projects that didn't fit into the normal TV production pipeline. I was lucky enough to work there for seven years under Clive Smith who was one of the former owners of Nelvana.)

The four "Bert the Bear" strips that I can find.


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