Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Weekly Drawing

Week 1
Some of the Animators at work have started a weekly drawing challenge. It was a bit disorganized because the first week had more that one theme. This week had a Conan barbarian-type, Spiderman and a Cat Woman. I missed the last one, but did something for the other two. I'll update this post each week with my drawing until everybody gets tired of doing it.

(Note: these are what I call "time-out drawings" because I do them when my computer at work has a time-out for saves or dropped network connections. As always, I only draw in ball-point pen.)

A couple of barbarian scribbles for warm up.

The barbarian drawing I put in.

My Spidey.

Week 2

This week the topic was Batman, so here's my version.

Some quick roughs.

This is what I stopped with.


Blogger Smook said...

Nice Sean. Are you and these animators starting a blog for these challenges?

8:51 am  
Anonymous Gerard Chiasson said...

I've often wondered what happens to a talented artist after 25 years or so of experience. They get even better.

11:15 pm  
Blogger Shawn Seles said...

Thanks for the comments. I think someone is going to post some of those drawings, but as of yet I don't know where.

12:52 pm  
Anonymous gerard chiasson said...

Should I dig out some artwork from 30 year old yearbooks for comparison?

6:42 pm  
Blogger David Colman said...

thanx for stopping by my blog....and the comment about ballpoint pen..pen in general is agreat way to stay loose and it forces you to think more...drawing is more thinking then actual drawing....

I love the pushed comic book heroes...however..MORE BARBARIANS!!!!..more more more..they are great....

12:35 pm  

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