Saturday, November 04, 2006

Grumble and Waa

One thing that I can't stand is a baby crying. It's like fingers on a chalk board for me and it can reduce me to a nutcase in a few minutes.

It gave me an idea for a short about a reclusive guy living alone in a cabin on a mountain. One night someone leaves a baby on his doorstep. He tries everything to keep this baby quiet, and at one point is about to toss the baby out the window ... but doesn't because of the gurgle of laughter. Anyway, the cries echo through the mountains and allerts the town busy-body in the valley. She marshalls the forces of "good" and the authorities take the baby away, but the baby (Waa) and the recluse (Grumble) seem to have fallen into a groove. When the Waa is taken away from Grumble, he cries like he's never cried before. Grumble is now desperate to get the baby back, but the busy-body stands in his way ... and the baby cries ... and cries ... and cries until the townspeople are walking around like zombies with dark rings under their eyes. Grumble takes his challenge to court. The busy-body and her lawyers against him, and the baby can be heard crying ... and crying ...and crying ... and only stops when he sees Grumble. The sleep deprived judge sees how happy Waa is to see Grumble. Well, it's a happy ending for everybody except the busy-body. Grumble adopts Waa, the people can get some sleep and the woman gets a parking ticket.

Grumble's home in the mountains.




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