Sunday, June 29, 2008

Time To Spare

I had a few moments so I thought I'd post something. A couple of posts ago I had a picture of an idea for a character named Angus. Sometimes after doing a drawing I'll get a story idea, and after I played around with the character a bit I thought, "What if Angus played the bagpipes?" Cliche, but what if you threw in invading aliens from outer space? I thought that Angus could be so bad at the pipes that the clan banishes him to the wilderness. He's so bad that animals would rather be killed and eaten than listen to the chalkboard screech that he tortures out of his instrument. Enter the Aliens who want earth, or at least Scotland, for their new colony. The clan puts up a valiant fight for their land, but their clubs and blades are no match for lasers and particle weapons. Angus witnesses the rout of his people and sees the end is near. He is the last man standing defiant against the enemy and they bear down on him. He puts the chanter to his lips and plays. The sound wreaks havoc on the alien ships and they lose control, crashing into each other and the ground. The rest of the invaders turn tail and retreat. In the end, the clan takes him back, but not before they invent earplugs. A bit lame, but it'll be fun to play with before I toss it aside for something new. Enjoy.

A 'timeout' Eggs drawing I did at work. When the computer is slow at work I will do something like this in 30-second windows over a couple of days. This one I finished off the other dayon the train ride home from work.


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