Thursday, September 14, 2006

Eggs Benedict: Hardboiled Detective

Film noire films that deal with detectives usually have the hero trying to do the right thing, but getting knocked around a lot while trying to do it. In the end they were no better off than they were at the beginning, and sometimes they were just a bit worse off; however, the good guy always won and some form of justice was meted out to the bad guy (or femme fatal gal).

I had this idea a few years ago that I pitched to Nelvana. The title just about says it all: Eggs Benedict: Hardboiled Detective. It was a film noire-type story about a Mike Hammer-type of detective trying to stay honest in a corrupt town full of rotten eggs. The tag line was: In a world full of eggs, everyone's fragile. Yeah, I know: corny. I said there would be bad guys, and shooting guns, and spilt egg yokes, and car chases, and vice, and action ... all the stuff that you wouldn't want your kids watching. Well, the people at Nelvana thought the idea was "too young", meaning it was aimed at kids in the 5 to 9 year old range, and they passed. I thought that was weird because I was aiming for it to be seen by a much older audience, but I kept the rights and walked away with an interesting experience.


"In a world full of eggs, everyone's fragile."

Eggs has changed a bit since my pitch a few years ago. Today he has longer arm and legs, and his nose has a bit of a kink in it. I still go back to it from time to time to do a bit more development. Hopefully, something will come of it someday.


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Nice! You never told me you had a Blog?? Thought we were friends?? You hate me because you didn't like " GlenGarry GlenRoss " right?

Excellent work Shawn! I will be sure to link you on my blog!

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