Thursday, September 07, 2006

In The Beginning

Like most of the story ideas I get, this one started out as a drawing of one of the main characters, Cedrick. It was about a chance meeting between a caveman, C.M., and a dinosaur, Cedrick, and the friendship that developed from there. The idea was that C.M. was a bit of a genius who lived for scientific discovery, but who was being forced into marriage with the Princess of the tribe who was the ultimate spoiled bitch. C.M. escapes, but is ordered hunted down by the Chief who is no match for his daughters lover-scorned anger. C.M. runs into Cedrick who has problems of his own. The dinosaurs want to wipe out humans because they apparently are a huge threat, but he wants no part of it because he's a peaceloving herbavore. The dinosaurs want to silence Cedrick, the humans want C.M. to force him to marry the Princess, and C.M. discovers that there is a meteor rushing towards earth and has figure out a way to save everything.

It was one of those idea that I kept going back to do more development, but it never went anywhere. I did a 20-second bit of test animation with John Lithgow's voice from "Third Rock From The Sun" and I thought that Brad Garratt from "Everybody Loves Raymond" would have been a great voice for C.M.. Enjoy.

The first drawing of Cedric and an early one for C.M..

An early location done in pencil. The yellow discolouration is the krylon spay fixative I used for the first (and last) time.

The Chief of the tribe and C.M. being chased by a hunting party.

Some ideas for locations.


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