Friday, August 11, 2006

Sewer Boy

A friend of mine, Don Gautier, had a neat idea for a T.V. series called: Sewer Boy. It was about a boy living in the sewers under a city, and he longed to be worthy enough to some day live up on top in the light. He had a pet dog, Ringo, and was looked after by a crocodile (an unwanted pet flushed into the sewers) named Charlene. He asked me to help him do some development on it for a pitch he did at Nelvana Ltd., Toronto. With his permission, I am posting some of the artwork I did for him.

Sewer Boy always looks up to the light and hopes that someday he'd be worthy enough to live there.

Deep down past the sewers are tunnels are chambers full of mushrooms ...

... but they aren't ordinary mushrooms. The spores put you to sleep and before you can wake you're dinner.

There's lots of sewage and water, and, of course, there are rats.

(The idea and concepts for "Sewer Boy" are copyrighted by Don Gautier, and the art is copyrighted by me.)


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