Sunday, February 27, 2011

In With Some New

Another month of not being at 100% because of illness, but I have been trying to do a bit more drawing none the less. Here is a sampling of some new things and some more drawings to keep developing some past ideas. Enjoy!

A bunch of guys.

A bunch of girls.

A real mutt.

And some goofing around with some old ideas. Below are a couple for Plympton McKabe and Eggs Benedict.

Here is some more development for Tick Rabbit. I have been playing a bit with this one because I am trying to decide whether to write a script or a book for this idea . As for the style, I am starting to toy around with some revised character designs. In future posts I hope to show a bit more development of the BG style because the one in the picture below is a bit too realistic; it needs to be more stylized.

Here are some new ideas for Plink because the old design was a bit too bland.

A final Tick till next post.


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