Monday, October 12, 2009

Cleanout and New Stuff

I haven't done a lot of personal drawing in the past month because I have been busy doing stuff for work, and I don't usually post much, if any, of that here. I cleaned out my sketchbook and trashed a pile of stuff. Of the bits that I kept I'm posting a few here.

The new stuff relates to some traditional paper animation training that I am giving for some Animators at work. They have only done animation digitally using Flash or ToonBoom HARMONY or AnimatePro and they are all dying to animate old school. We had talked about doing a short, but they wanted to learn the whole paper process before attempting something bigger. They chose a character from an old short film I did the leica for, but never got around to animating so I started reworking the model sheets. I have also blocked out some training and exercises, and after I do the chalk talk on how to draw the character we'll get started. Enjoy.
This is "Sam" from my old, never made "Yukon Sam" film that Animators will be using for exercises doing traditional paper animation. These are the pencil roughs for the rotation, and the chalk talk drawings will get posted later.


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