Sunday, June 13, 2010

Office Purge

We are moving into a new building for work next week and after a purge of junk from my desk at work I went and did the same for my home office. I got rid of about 30 or 40 pounds of drawings and notes, but while I was going though stuff I stumbled across a bunch of things I had forgotten about. I found 3 or 4 scripts for TV specials (trashed), 3 scripts for features, two partially completed novels (also trashed) and a bunch of short film ideas that I started to board and then abandoned because I lost interest or ran out of time or ... whatever. Some of them went into the bin, too. I found one that made me smile so I thought I'd post some of it.

It's called Greed. It's about some made up animals, Figs, grubbing around for food and they get chased away by a bigger Fig (Greed). Greed finds a 'sparkly' and tries to dig it out. One of the Figs comes to help and gets mauled for his efforts. The idea was that Greed would rather starve to death than leave his sparkly unnattended for a moment. The fear of losing the possession was greater than the fear of losing his life. In the end, he'd die. Not a new theme, but it was interesting for a few days. Here are a few pages of my board thumbnails and some design scribbles. Enjoy.


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great stuff, like the boards!

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