Sunday, December 13, 2009

Home Stretch

This is one year that I will be glad to see the back of. For some reason I think this has been a year where I felt like getting up every morning was "work". I did the job, but I felt pretty empty at the end of it.
To pick things up, I started giving some old-school traditional paper animation training for some of the young talents at work that have never experienced the incredible effort, pleasure and creative satisfaction of putting pencil to paper. It has gotten me back to the animation table to knock off some of the rust. It feels good.

This is a last sketchbook cleanout before the end of the year. I am drawing just to keep loose, but things are all over the place because there isn't any one thing that is grabbing my attention just yet. I know that will change soon, so enjoy this smattering of randomness.
A few thumbnails for some of the animation exercises that I am giving out at work.
A few random guys.
Years ago I started a short called "Little Me" about my ideas and the life that thay start to take on. Short vignettes of "Me" as Dr. Frankenstain or Tarzan or as a Big Game Hunter were bookended with me at the drawing board. I pulled out that old idea to see if I could come up with an idea that I could animate a few seconds of. I pulled out Little Me: Bookworm about me hunting down bookworms that were eating through my prized books. I did a bit of drawing and then tried a few scribbles of Little Me Superhero. We'll see where this goes in the new year.
The last bit is more seasonal ... Happy Holidays.


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