Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pants on Fire

I have been crazy busy at work as we near the end of production. Schedule wise, this has been a pants on fire run from the start to keep keep up with what has probably been the tightest schedule I have ever worked on. At times this production has been the play toy of Murphy's Law and at other times it's been worse, but I have a great crew of people that I work with and a good studio with the resources to help save the day. We are all able to see a light at the end of the tunnel and look back at a year that has been challenging.

I haven't had time to do or post very much, but what follows are few bits that didn't get tossed. Enjoy.

These drawings are some development for a story called "P.J.Pettigrew and the Treasure Bug". The boy is P.J. and the girl is Cath, his girlfriend.

These are P.J.'s Dad and Mom. They are basic prelim designs.

P.J.'s Grand-pa.

The Pettigrew's own a small antiques shop.
Some random strange kids.
The "Tall Tale of Albert Long"... it's a far fetched story that may see some more drawings posted later.

These eggs are here because I have started my Eggs Benedict feature script that I hope to pitch at work ... if I ever get around to finishing it this year.


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