Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Pox on Me

There is an unpleasant phenomenon which I have been experiencing which has all but cut off by ability to sit down and draw for any length of time. I didn't have to ponder for very long to figure out why this has been happenning, either.

All of the 2D productions which I have been animating on for the past few years are 100% digital: software, cintiq monitors, digital asset management on massive servers. The production budgets and schedules are tight and don't allow for a lot of fooling around, mistakes, computer problems or anything else which could cut into production time. Hours are long and deadlines are challenging so you get into a mindset mode where you have to work smart and fast.

Fast is the key word. Key because after a time you start feeling that if you can't bang off a drawing really fast you feel that you are failing. After a while you doubt your ability to draw, and that's about when you stop drawing altogether.

That's where I've been, I  a dark tunnel where I can't draw, and for a couple of weeks last month I didn't. The light at the very far end of the tunnel is the new project I'm on. I feel like drawing and, hopefully, that will mean more frequent postes here. I have a small smattering of stuff which I hope isn't too horrible to look at. Enjoy.

Here is some unsubmitted development drawings for something at work.

Just something fun.

Something for someone else's project.

Just some old fart and a kid on a hover board.


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