Sunday, October 23, 2011

Two Hours

A while back I was commenting to my workmates that if you factor in the time I have to sleep, my total daily commute time of 3-hours and all of the time I spend at work I have a maximum of two-hours each day of free time to do drawings on my on ideas, and that's only if I don't have any other life things which I have to take care of. On the time to and from work I can try to do some writing if I'm not elbow-to-elbow on a packed train, or if I'm not using the time to get a few extra minutes sleep. As for trying to draw on the train ... think of a rutted, potholed road and you are sitting in vehicle with bad suspension. I've been in earthquakes which shake less. I also don't like people looking over my shoulder when I draw.

I've been mentioning this issue of limited time in my past posts, so I was surprised today to get enough time to scan about 40 drawings from my surprisingly full sketchbook. The book has been cleaned out, the drawings filed away and I had some time left before cooking dinner for the family to post these. Enjoy.

Something old from last year for an idea which I had no time to give to.
´╗┐Another idea which will be starved for time to do more on. It's called Lamplight and Persue. Toby Lamplight is the unofficial chronicler of the supernatural investigations of Professor Persue and his dog companion, Sagebush.
 I was hoping to do a couple of drawings of your friendly neighbourhood psycho killer for Halloween. I got as far as drawing the psycho. All that's left is him doing the killing.
The rest is a random bunch of stuff for Tick Rabbit. In part of the story Tick has to go into the Boss Man's house to rescue Lacie.

 The Boss Man (not the final design) and one of his dogs.
Boss Man's house´╗┐ and some random men which work in the quarry which he is boss over.


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